Kubota U25S Series - Model Landing - Kubota North


No matter how tough the job, get the power you need and smart cab design you want to help you get through a long day's work.


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Kubota U25S Series - Model Landing - Kubota North
Kubota U25S Series - Model Landing - Kubota North



Digital Panel
Informative, interactive and functional, Kubota's Intelligent Control System LCD panel accurately displays timely diagnostic readings and routine maintenance alerts. You'll be kept informed of your current working conditions, engine RPM, temperature and oil levels. It even emits an alert when the tank is nearly full during refueling. These features help reduce downtime and costly repair fees.


Easy Maintenance
Wide-opening covers provide easy access to the engine oil gauge, coolant reserve tank and dual element air cleaner. It's also easy to access the fuel filter and water separator, battery, radiator and oil cooler. Two-piece hose connections for the dozer and boom cylinders simplify hose replacement, reduce downtime, and virtually eliminate the need to enter the machine for maintenance.

Zero Tail Overhang
Zero-tail swing keeps the tail within the width of the tracks, so you can turn the house throughout its 360-degree turning radius without worrying about what is to the side or behind you. Zero-tail swing also ensures excellent balance, stability and fast operation, making the U25S ideal for jobs in congested areas.

Straight Travel
The U25S's Hydraulic Matching System ensures safer loading and off-loading by keeping the U25S traveling in a straight line while operating the boom.