Kubota Disc Mower Conditioner - Model Landing - Kubota North


Kubota mowers are designed to offer maximum productivity and profitability allowing you to efficiently handle any crop condition. With three blades per counter-rotating disc, Kubota mowers are constantly cutting, leaving no stripes of uncut forage in the field.




3 Blades per Disk

  • Fewer blade changes
  • 50% more cuts compared to two blades
  • Highest cutting frequency in the market
  • Less load per blade - better cutting performance
  • Cuts even as the speed drops
  • Always a blade cutting


Fully Welded Cutterbar

  • Extremely strong and stiff design, two C channels welded together
  • No extra reinforcement needed
  • Vertical overlapping
  • Welded construction, no risk of loose bolts
  • High oil capacity ensuring low working temperature
  • One key safety device designed to shear in case of overload
  • Low noise level thanks to specially tooled gears



  • Long design suspension springs provides excellent ground following ability in uneven fields with adaptation range of +19.7”/-5.9”
  • Suspension springs are fitted on the widest possible position of the mowing section to ensure even ground pressure of 88-110lbs on each side
  • Suspension rod fixation and spring geometry ensure that the mowing section will lift up and backwards if hitting obstacles, protecting the cutterbar



  • Easy access to the cutterbar for daily inspection and maintenance
  • The complete front plate is easily swung to the side for unlimited access to the cutterbar


Center Pivot Drawbar

The DMC8500 models are equipped with a center pivot drawbar for mowing both to the right and left side of the tractor. This important advantage in mower design allows operators to mow in one continuous pattern, without the need for constantly opening up new headlands. Consequently, time consuming short runs are eliminated and mowing capacity is increased.


Semi Swing Steel Tine Conditioner

Conditioner system, taking the best of all known systems The result of thorough testing and engineering work to reach the same aggressive conditioning known from fixed tines and the protection of tines seen on free swinging and nylon tine solutions.


OPTIONAL: FlipOver Wide Spreading

  • Crop is 100% spread across the whole working width
  • The crop is moved to the left, to divide the spread crop from the standing crop
  • The FlipOver solution is positioned at the back of the rear-end
  • – a solution that gives an improved flow before the crop reaches the spreading vanes
  • Benefit: Improved and more even spread over the whole working width



  • Bx Belt grouper enables the merging 2 cutting swaths together

Attaches to back of MoCo and collects the material coming off the conditioner rotor or rollers, It then moves the material to the left and places the material beside the previous windrow